Demonstration of Skillset


Airfoil Generator

Let's try to make an NACA Airfoil Generator

There are formulas we can use to programm us a small generator for airfoil shapes.

Open GL

There is a very good tutorial by Victor Gordan on YouTube.

After finishing the tutorial, I realized how much code is required just to display a pyramid on the screen with textures and lighting. Therefore, I have decided to postpone studying Open-GL until I see more practical applications for it or until I have more available time.

Arduino Microcontroller

My research and hobby-like work brought me to this microcontroller development boards. The Arduino microcontroller developement boards. I prefer the Nano due to its small size. One can use it for many small applications without huge space issues.

Here are some Tipps and Tricks using the Arduino

Engine Sim (german)

I did this to study piston engines, which can be a rather tricky subject. It's a program that simulates key aspects of them in a constant power state (No transient motion). The user can make small changes to the system and observe the results.


It might be more productive to change the desktop symbols to buttons. The latest version works pretty well.

Quarter Vehicle (german)

Demonstration of successful implementation of a differential equation with scipy.integrate.solve_ivp in Python 3.

Druckbot Datalink Test Site

Set coordinates (data) of the white dot by clicking on the black area. If my script is listening, I can see the actual position on my screen.

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